About Inveduco

About Inveduco

Inveduco (pronounced “in-VEH-doo-co”) stands for Investment Education Coach. Our mission is to help people navigate the complex world of money so that they can make educated decisions and take control over their finances. Most people have never studied money. After all, it isn’t taught in most schools and finding someone who understands money and is willing to teach you is difficult. So many people wish they had someone who could teach them how to properly invest, grow and protect their capital. If you are searching for an investment coach your search is over! Below is an overview of what Inveduco is all about.

Inveduco will coach you to financial independence

Unlike Financial Advisors who want to manage your money, we offer general financial education so that whether you hire a Financial Advisor or make your own financial decisions, you’ll feel confident that you are on track to reach your goals. Ultimately, only you know what’s best for your situation. A Financial Advisor will happily tell you how to invest your money (for a small fee, of course), knowing that they are not risking any of their own money. In fact, they will make money whether you make a profit or not. And even though many, if not most financial advisors, are honest people many of them are commission-based which means that in order for them to earn money they have to sell you products that might be less than ideal for you. They might also encourage you to trade stocks more often than you really should. Unlike a Financial Advisor, we don’t want to touch your money.

Inveduco debunks financial myths and examines the latest financial trends and investing fads

One of the biggest challenges in achieving financial independence is to find a trustworthy source of information. Having read hundreds of investment books and articles over the years, we can safely say that more than half of all the books out there contain little to no practical information or effective strategies. Many financial “self-help” books focus on the psychological aspects of money ad nauseum but then skim through practical strategies and leave the reader wondering how to apply the information.

Inveduco will review some of today’s most popular financial books using a set of guidelines which you will also be able to use to gauge the usefulness of any financial self-help book. The guiding principles are easy to understand and once you become familiar with them they will save you time and money when deciding whether to buy (or continue reading) a financial book.

Many financial books and articles contain “half-truths”: information that is partially correct or that only applies to some people, in specific situations, but does not apply universally. Also, some authors oversimplify finances by claiming that “everyone should always do XYZ” but a lot of their advice does not apply to all people in all circumstances.

Inveduco answers your questions

Finally, I want to provide information that is useful and relevant to you, our reader. If you have a question about money or investing email us at questions@inveduco.com and if selected, we will write an article with information pertaining to your question. Please note that Inveduco does not provide specific or customized financial advice. All advice contained on our site is for information purposes only and some of it may not apply to your specific circumstances. Always consult with a financial advisor prior to making any financial decisions. For more information, please read our full disclaimer here.

We wish you the best of luck in your pursuit of financial independence!